(Album Review) "Chris Morris attacks with the great album "Calibration" (Roadie-Music.com)

Here we have one of the most vivid instrumental sensorial celebrations released in recent times! The extensive experience as a touring musician and in composing music for commercials ( Coca-Cola , Huawei , etc.), brought Chris Morris the musical maturity that allowed the artist to conceive such an imposing work as this, the album “Calibration” ! 

In lofi production , it carries in soft tones but simultaneously eloquent , a musical symbiosis of the most oiled. We travel here through soul-pop , cool jazz , bossa-jazz , reggae , hip-hopincisions , all duly adorned by the most seductive melodies in their power. It's one of those works that experience manifests itself only if it's complete! What does that mean?

No skipping tracks! The eleven songs that make up the firecracker are to be assimilated in their original sequence , overflowing with a swing of irresistible synergetic proportions . We are simply captured by the sound frequency , and each progression of grooves and melodies is duly tasted in a character of excellence. What a great disc ! “I have always been attached to instrumental music. It can say a lot without having to say any real words.One morning I made a 6-7 track playlist a bit in this style from my own vault of unreleased music and it was a moment of light. I had the project right there for what would become 'Calibration' and then I filled in the blanks over the next few weeks” , says the San Diego artist about the concept . “Calibration” by Chris Morris available below: 










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