Chris Morris

The definition of Sophisticated Soul is often a phrase used to describe the San Diego based artist Chris Morris.  As a keyboardist, songwriter, producer, mixer and vocalist, he has garnered a reputation as a season veteran who over the years has significantly seen his musical resume expand as a solo artist and collaborative on demand stage and studio presence.   

Chris’ latest release, “Recollection,” compiles 12 handpicked soulfully inspiring songs that represent the style, soul and essence of Chris Morris.  Though some of the songs have been previously released as singles, each track was remixed and remastered from the ground up.  The result is depth, clarity, punch and more importantly vibe.  “Recollection,” is a positively inspirational reminder of the road traveled while appreciating the journey on the pursuit of happiness. 

Among the highlights on “Recollection,” are “Higher,” which is an energetic ode to his appreciation of the healing powers of music.  “Let Your Hair Down,” is instant vintage at its finest.  An upbeat groove with a nostalgic yet currently accessible vibe that sounds like a cross between Curtis Mayfield and Justin Timberlake.  “Another Day To Run,” is a dramatically inspirational song which musically reflects his rekindled passion for reggae.  Its anchored by a haunting trombone melody, shredding organ solo and soaring vocals wrapped around classical chord progressions.  “Love Speaks Louder Than Words,” was written as the soundtrack to his wedding.  It’s a heartfelt tribute to his wife with its message of action more than words.  “Kid,” is a posthumous collaboration with his Father.  Their shared passion of artists like Chicago, Steely Dan and Earth, Wind & Fire are instantly noticeable.  “Child Of The Universe,” is a unique reminder that anything is achievable if you are willing to tear down the walls and start right now.   

Chris has been fortunate to have his music reach fans worldwide.  In recent years, he composed music for many major commercials in China including compositions for the mobile giant “Huawei,” famous dermatology brand “Dermes,” and “Coke Ice Dew.”  In 2013, along with his band “Roots Covenant,” toured Taiwan as part of the Ghost Festival celebration.  Songs from "Recollection," as well as from his albums "Changes," and "Ascension" are being played in retail stores throughout the world as well as numerous internet radio stations and blogs.  In 2010, his song "Can I Have This Dance," was featured in the popular game, "Audition Online."

Since 2009, Chris has been an integral part of the all star San Diego based Reggae band Roots Covenant (  They frequently perform their catalog of original music and unique iconic covers to a loyal local fanbase as well as Internationally including successful tours in Taiwan and Mexico.  Roots Covenant has also lent their talents to many legendary reggae artists becoming the backing band to artists like Johnny Clarke, Norris Reed, Father Psalms, Earl Cunningham, Johnny Osbourne and many more.  They are an all star band on any given night with the talents of original member Adrian Cisneros, Omar Lopez (The Wailers), Ivan Garzon (The Devastators), Luis Castillo (Tribal Seeds, P.O.D.), David Stranger (Stranger), Danny Dread (Skanks Roots Project), among others.  They recently released their second album, “Divine Light,” featuring two of Chris’ compositions including “Walk Straight To The Sun.”   Chris also frequently performs alongside the renowned band “Stranger,” who has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Hawaii to a very dedicated fanbase.   

In 2016, Chris became a co-founder of the music school “Avant Garde Music Company.”  They are proud to be San Diego’s premier location for Music Education and Recording.  Chris’ focus will be on teaching the art of recording, mixing and music business development.  Though the school is enriched with some of the finest musicians teaching Piano, Guitar, Drums, etc.   

A devoted Husband and recent Father, Chris is pouring his life experiences into an all new album currently in production.  He is also still very dedicated to the stage as shows with Roots Covenant and Stranger are constantly being booked as well as his return to the stage as a solo artist.  For up to the minute news, music, videos, photos, etc you can visit Chris online at