Alien Satan: Assembling the Team (Part 2) | The Cliff Notes of Eli (Episode 16)

I'm excited to announce that I'm stepping outside the box a bit and joining forces with longtime friend and ridiculously talented guitar/vocalist/songwriter Eli Santana in his new metal band "Alien Satan."  I'm equally as excited to get to play with Josh Caldwell on bass and Eli's "Holy Grail" bandmate Tyler Meahl on drums.  I can only describe the music as aggressive, progressive ... and all the other 'ives' that I'm sure I'm leaving out.  


Eli has an awesome web series and is featuring each of us in our own individual episodes.  Well ... below, you'll see mine!  Filmed somehow appropriately at Safari Park in Escondido, CA, there's some background on the band, myself and me attempting to describe what "Alien Satan" sounds like.  Check it out!



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