The story behind "Forever" + Lyric Video

A few months ago, I was approached by one of the publishers I work with who was looking for a song to replace Bruno Mars' "Marry You," for a TV show and was asking if I had anything.  Well, there was this idea bouncing around my head - mostly a melody horn line - so I said gimme a couple days and I'll send you something.  So I got in my studio and spent the better part of 2 days writing and recording what would end up being "Forever."  What I wrote turned out to be a direct tribute to my amazing wife!  Well ... the song didn't end up being chosen - boo hoo, lol.  But after years in this crazy music industry, I don't dwell on things like that.  So I tightened up the mix, had it remastered and low and behold, an indie label based out of Europe contacted me after hearing some of my music and offered to help expose me to a wider audience via a new streaming service and compilation albums.  I send them around 10 tunes, one of them being "Forever."  Fast forward a month or so and I get the word that it's being featured on their hits compilation "Now Pop Music 2018."  Though "Forever" isn't necessarily indicative of what my new upcoming album sounds like (more on that soon...), it's probably the most 'Pop' song I've done in awhile but nonetheless, I'm super proud of it.  So here it is, in its entirety with a video of the lyrics to go with it.  Thanks to Rehegoo Music Group ( for believing and for all my family, friends and fans who continue to support!