"Calibration," a new Instrumental Album from Chris Morris

San Diego, CA, January 2022-San Diego-based musician and producer Chris Morris has released a new instrumental album, ‘Calibration’ on January 7th.  The 11 song project features Chris’ signature chilled-out melodic beats with elements of lofi hip-hop, soul, and jazz. 

Having started playing piano at age 5, Chris’ influences range from Stevie Wonder, Chicago, and Bob Marley to more contemporaries like Jamiroquai, Bonobo, and D’Angelo. He was also heavily influenced by hip-hop artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, and the Roots. These influences along with his years of experience have contributed through osmosis to the musicianship of this short, sweet, and subtle album. 

When speaking of what inspired ‘Calibration,’ Chris says: I go for these morning walks, like relatively easy 2-3 mile hikes a couple of times a week after dropping the kids off at school. I go to get the blood flowing and to decompose, refocus my energy and have a decent amount of time to think about all things life. It’s weird, I’m probably more often than not, listening to one of those ‘lofi beats’ related playlists. It's also been one of the key go-to's when I’m working, doing home stuff, starting something creative, or just clearing my head and (no pun) recalibrating. One morning I made a playlist of 6-7 tracks somewhat in that style from my own vault of unreleased songs and it was a lightbulb moment. It felt like the time to pay it forward the way I know how to. I had the blueprint right there of what would become ‘Calibration’ and then I just filled in the blanks from there over the next few weeks.” 

Chris has released a handful of retro-pop/soul albums and his music has been heard in video games and commercials (Coca-Cola, Huawei, etc.).  He’s performed all over the world in places like Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, and the United States as both a solo artist and keyboardist with bands like Roots Covenant (Reggae), Alien Satan (Metal), and Stranger (Reggae). Chris’ solid reputation has also led to him performing with iconic reggae artists such as Johnny Clarke, Michael Prophet, Johnny Osbourne, and Norris Reid to name a few. 

‘Calibration’ is designed to hit play, let it run, and go on with your day (or night).  Read a book, get to work, take a drive, think, do that pile of dishes or just chill. All songs were written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Chris himself. 

‘Calibration’ is now streaming just about everywhere music is heard.  For more on Chris, visit him at: www.theartofchrismorris.com

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