"Moody Without Music," a popular music site based in Amsterdam spotlights "Recollection"

"Moody Without Music," a very popular music site based in Amsterdam, is featuring "Let Your Hair Down," from my latest project, "Recollection."  

Here's a link to check out the article:


About "Moody Without Music":
The prestige Amsterdam based website Moody Without Music is a International music platform which is mainly focused on emerging and independent artists from all over the world, and from different genres such as Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B. We’re also known for the bridges we’ve build up overseas to provide artists global exposure and promotion. 

​Moody Without Music also keeps track of the latest facts/gossips/news in the music industry, doing interviews with artists and attend to concerts/events to write a article about, it including multiple pictures and an after-movie shot by one off my associates Heevix.


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