Custom Songs!

A few years ago, I was asked if could write a personalized song for a couple's Anniversary.  The gentleman wanted a unique gift for his wife and asked if I could write something along the lines of John Legend's "All of Me."  After a successful delivery, word of mouth spread and I found myself being hired to create songs for Mother's Day, First Dance for a Wedding, a song for a Motivational Speaker to get people pumped at her Seminars, Anniversaries and even a theme song for a major T-Shirt company to play at their Pep Rally style Employee Events!  It's been an incredibly rewarding challenge to meticulously create a personalized soundtrack for milestones in so many people lives.  As songwriters, we can only hope that the music we create will in some way touch peoples lives.  Some of the reaction e-mails and videos I've received are absolutely incredible.  All that said, I'm privileged to announce that I'll now be offering personalized custom, professionally mixed and mastered songs directly here on my website!  For more information, samples and easy ordering instructions, click HERE!


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